Sunday 28th May 2017,

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NBA Scouts Believe Markelle Fultz Has ‘Very Slight Edge’ Over Lonzo Ball in Draft Order

LaVar Ball is not going to be happy. Despite not appearing in the NCAA March Madness tournament, Markelle Fultz remains the prohibitive favorite to be drafted first overall in this year’s prospect pageant, according to [...]


Lane Kiffin Will Not Run Offense For Alabama in Title Game

It’s still somewhat shocking to see that Lane Kiffin is the head coach at Florida Atlantic. He was once considered the up-and-coming young college coach, but he certainly has bounced around a bit of late. [...]


Brock Lesnar Retires from MMA…Again!

Brock Lesnar’s return to the UFC was short lived one. To be more precise it lasted one fight. He told company officials that was retiring from MMA for a second time. Lesnar came back from [...]


Lexi Thompson’s Issues Statement After Penalty Controversy

Lexi Thompson, who was penalized 4 strokes after a viewer reported a violation, took to Instagram only hours after losing the ANA Inspiration. Apparently Thompson did not properly place her ball down where she had [...]